Fendt Variotronic
With the VarioGuide automated steering system developed by Fendt, you can work up to ten percent more area, depending on the working width. This makes the system a profitable investment.

With the new Fendt guidance system, you are always ready to receive – because with the new version of Fendt VarioGuide, you can choose between GNSS receivers from NovAtel® and Trimble®. A number of correction signals are supported, depending on the receiver, for example, EGNOS/WAAS or also RangePointTM RTX, CenterpointTM RTX, Ntrip. Existing Trimble® RTK structures, such as NTRIP and radio, can continue to be used. Even if a signal is lost due to unfavourable reception conditions, Fendt VarioGuide continues to work reliably up to 20 minutes with high accuracy via the Trimble® xFill technology.

With the new Fendt VarioGuide, you can always choose the solution that best meets your requirements. Ease of operation remains unchanged, thanks to the familiar operating interface integrated in the Varioterminal. The menu structure is always identical and straightforward, independent of the receiver being used.

NovAtel® receiver

  • Entry-level variant with EGNOS/WAAS correction service
  • Upgrade to RTK possible (radio or NTRIP)
  • Up to 1 minute of fill-in time for RTK signal outages.

Trimble® receiver

  • Receiver with expanded range of functions
  • Entry-level version with EGNOS/WAAS correction services and RangePoint™ RTX™
  • Upgrade to Trimble® correction service CenterPoint™ RTX™
  • Upgrade to RTK possible (radio, NTRIP & Trimble® RTK services)
  • Fill-in time for RTK signal outage: up to 20 minutes (Trimble® xFill technology)

Always on the right track

VarioGuide – even more profitable

VarioGuide enables the highest possible utilisation of the machine, since you can even work at night or when visibility is poor, due to dust or fog, and still achieve an optimum result. At the same time, area coverage is significantly increased, since the number of skips and overlaps is reduced. The highly efficient use of crop inputs with VarioGuide provides savings of up to three to ten percent, depending on the working procedure.

Enhanced driving comfort

With VarioGuide you not only work more economically, but also benefit from significantly improved operator comfort. The tractor automatically drives in the right track, so operators can fully focus their attention on the actual work with the implement. The VariotronicTI automatic headland management can also automatically trigger the headland sequences at the ideal position.

Always the same operating philosophy

No matter which Fendt machine you are working with, you will always find the same operating philosophy in the Varioterminal. The functionality, however, is adapted and expanded for the specific requirements of the forage harvesters, combines and tractors.

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