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04 February 2019
February Work
contracting lime spreading ditching hedge cutting

The cold weather is not for everyone, but this week it has allowed us to make good progress with the lime spreading contract work spreading onto stubbles while the ground is firm. The Bredal spreader makes light work of the task so we can cover the areas well.

Hedge cutting is almost complete before the February deadline and with all hedges in A frame shape and bulking up at the bottom, this will improve the environment for nesting birds in the spring but also provide shelter through the remaining cold months. The addition of the saw blade to the cutter has enabled us to tackle some of the toughest hedges.  This always looks a bit stark to start with, but it is surprising how the hedges/wood edges recover and the buds will soon be visible.

We have also been doing some valuable ditching work with our BobCat Minidigger clearing out silt and debris as well as opening up field drain discharge points.  Essential work which will prevent flooding if we get a wet spring and also demonstrating good practice.  

This nimble little machine makes light work of the task and saves on a lot of hard spade work and standing in wet ditch bottoms in your wellies!

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